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A management survey is the first and simplest type of asbestos survey. It is carried out to identify, inspect, assess and manage any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that may be present in a building or residential unit. A management survey allows building users to become aware of the location and condition of any ACMs, helping them take necessary preventative action if needed.

At London Asbestos, we offer comprehensive management surveys to identify and evaluate ACMs in both commercial and residential buildings. Our experienced surveyors will carry out a visual inspection of the building, usually involving minimal sampling and intrusive work. We provide detailed reports outlining our observations, as well as recommendations for their safe management or removal if required.





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A Management Asbestos Survey (also known as a Type 2 survey) is essential in public access buildings or tenanted properties. This survey gives you the information required to effectively manage and monitor asbestos-containing materials. It will identify where any asbestos containing materials exist, how much is present and what condition it is in. The results of this survey are used to prepare an Asbestos Register and create an Asbestos Management Plan which can help protect those occupying or visiting the building from potential asbestos exposure.

If you’re in London and require a management asbestos survey, it’s important to enlist the help of experienced professionals like those at London Asbestos. Our team of experts have all the necessary training, qualifications and experience to carry out a safe and thorough survey. We have developed excellent working relationships with local authorities and organisations throughout London, providing a dependable and reliable service to all our clients. Don’t take any chances when it comes to asbestos – contact London Asbestos today for an expert management asbestos survey in London.

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