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Asbestos Remediation in London: Why You Should Leave It to the Professionals

Are you living in a recently bought house or are planning to renovate your current residence? The chances are that you may come across asbestos as it was widely used until the year 2000. Our team of experienced professionals at London Asbestos is here to help you handle any type of asbestos surveys and asbestos remediation works.

It is always recommended to get a professional asbestos removal company to take care of your property, as it’s important to handle the situation with utmost care and safety. With years of experience in handling asbestos, our team knows exactly how to handle every kind of situation that may arise during remediation. Our specialists have all the necessary skills and expertise needed for the job.

Asbestos is a hazardous material that must be handled with the utmost care. If you are dealing with asbestos and need to dispose of it, leave it to us. We are experienced professionals and understand all the safety protocols and procedures necessary for proper disposal. Our team has been trained in accordance with health and safety guidelines, so you know that your property is in safe hands.

Our team follows all the safety protocols to ensure that your residence is free of asbestos and makes it liveable again. If you are looking for asbestos removal services in London, then look no further – we have got you covered!





Over 30 Years Experience in Asbestos

Our team of qualified and experienced asbestos professionals can take care of all your asbestos remediation needs in London. All our workers are certified to work safely with hazardous materials, ensuring that you’re protected from the associated risks. Whether it’s a small repair or a full-scale job, our expert knowledge ensures that we provide you with the highest quality of service.

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to asbestos, and we take measures to ensure that all our work is carried out in a safe manner following HSE guidelines. We also provide advice on how you can take proactive steps to manage asbestos and removal.

From start to finish, our asbestos remediation professionals are here to make sure that your project runs smoothly, efficiently and safely. We use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your property or business is free of hazardous materials. Contact us today for a quote, and find out why we’re considered to be one of London’s premier asbestos remediation companies.

Free Quotation

London Asbestos will provide a no-obligation free quotation for asbestos removal and all your asbestos work needed.

The Process

As part of our services, we also offer detailed asbestos surveys and asbestos testing which assess the risk posed to your property and construct a suitable plan for removals. Our team understands that safety is paramount during every stage of the process, and so all our work is completed with minimal disruption to you. 

To give you complete peace of mind, London Asbestos provides certification once all work has been successfully completed. This confirms that all hazardous materials have been removed from your property in accordance with Health & Safety regulations. In addition, our team are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire process. 


Asbestos waste should only be handled by a licensed disposal site. DO NOT attempt to dispose of asbestos yourself.

It can be difficult to identify asbestos. If you are unsure, then we recommend booking a survey and testing.

You should contact a licensed professional to survey the property and advise you on the safest option moving forward.

You should book a survey if your property was built before the year 2000.

You will need to have an inspection to ensure the safety of the property.

The purpose of an asbestos survey is to identify asbestos containing materials