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Here at London Asbestos, we execute extensive asbestos surveys throughout Southend and the surrounding Essex areas. The Management Survey will require a surveyor to assess the risks from any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) present in the premises or equipment. This includes identifying and classifying materials, and establishing its condition, location, quantity and other necessary details. The duty-holder should also be aware of any future work that may disturb ACM so that this can be taken into consideration when performing the survey.


In Southend, it is important for employers and property owners to ensure they carry out an asbestos survey as part of their health and safety procedures. By being diligent with these surveys, they are helping to protect their staff from any potential exposure to asbestos fibres which could have serious long term effects on health. A qualified professional should be hired to carry out the survey in order to ensure that it is thorough and accurate. The survey should include assessment of all areas of the building, including wall cavities, roofs, ceilings and floors. If any ACM is identified, further action may need to be taken such as monitoring or removal.





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The key takeaway from an asbestos survey is that a duty-holder needs to be clear on the type of survey needed, where the survey is needed and what records should result. It is essential for employers and property owners in Southend to take into account these requirements when carrying out an asbestos survey for their premises. Failure to do so could potentially lead to legal penalties or otherwise.

A qualified professional should always be hired to ensure that the asbestos survey is conducted effectively and accurately. It is important that employers and property owners in Southend take into account the requirements of an asbestos survey in order to protect their employees, customers, contractors, and visitors from any potential exposure to asbestos fibres. This will help create a safe working environment whilst also complying with legal obligations.

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At London Asbestos, we take the safety of our customers and their properties very seriously. Our team of experienced professionals are specially trained to identify and inspect buildings for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Following a comprehensive asbestos survey in Colchester or the surrounding areas, our specialists can provide expert advice on how best to manage any potential risks associated with ACMs.