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Ensuring the well-being of employees in the fast-paced retail environment necessitates a robust asbestos management strategy that is tailored to its unique challenges. The transitory nature of retail staffing, with frequent turnover and varying work hours, complicates the maintenance of consistent safety measures and training regimens. It is imperative that employers implement comprehensive training procedures and maintain clear channels of communication to foster an environment of safety and compliance—no matter how brief or long-term an employee’s tenure may be.

Retailers must also be vigilant in identifying and addressing potential asbestos hazards within their facilities. This includes conducting regular inspections of the building’s structure, equipment, and materials to identify any potential areas of concern. In addition, retailers should have a plan in place for handling asbestos-containing materials that may be encountered during routine maintenance or renovation projects.






What To Do If You Suspect Asbestos?

In recognition of the dynamic nature of the retail sector, we are committed to providing asbestos management solutions that align with your need for discretely conducted operations that minimise impact on daily activities. We understand that the retail space is a public-facing environment where staff, contractors, and customers are present continuously, necessitating asbestos-related tasks to be carried out with subtlety and finesse. Balancing the aesthetic integrity of the storefront with the necessity of periodic refurbishments and maintenance poses a unique challenge—especially when dealing with asbestos concealment in places like ceiling voids directly above active trading areas.

Our extensive experience with prominent high street retailers and commercial entities has honed our capability to navigate such complexities with ease. By integrating sector-specific training programs, we ensure all our experts are equipped with the critical knowledge and skills to uphold a safe environment and carry out efficient licensed retail asbestos services. Collaborating with your team, we pledge to deliver the highest level of asbestos management and employee safety, ensuring that your retail property can operate as safely as possible.

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How do I dispose of asbestos waste?

Asbestos waste should only be handled by a licensed disposal site. DO NOT attempt to dispose of asbestos yourself.

How do I identify asbestos?

It can be difficult to identify asbestos. If you are unsure, then we recommend booking a survey and testing.

I have asbestos what should I do?

You should contact a licensed professional to survey the property and advise you on the safest option moving forward.

My property was built before the year 2000. Could it contain asbestos?

You should book a survey if your property was built before the year 2000.

What happens after an asbestos removal?

You will need to have an inspection to ensure the safety of the property.

What is an asbestos survey?

The purpose of an asbestos survey is to identify asbestos containing materials